Spacial installation of two colour photographs and a video projection.
ALIBI was shown at the Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen.

The installation consisted in all its simplicity of two life-size portraits facing the entrance of the exhibition. The portraits are "looking" at a video projection in the middle of the room. The video is a projection of the view over the Thames in London at sunset. The DVD is seemlessly looped so that only small changes in the image occur. The image is projected onto a sheet of architectural drafting film hanging by thin nylon wire. This gives the impression of a “floating” animated image, as one moves around the installation, one starts to stare into the glowing image just like figures in the photographs. The photographic portraits have a similar feel to the video with two viewers being photographed at sunset with the water and buildings in the background. They are mystifiedly lit-up as they face the video, perhaps it is one of the camera flashes in the video? The duration of the video is endless and is just as fixed as the photographs.
The space between the elements of the installation form a triangular field, the viewer have to interrupt the gaze from the portrait in order to enter the exhibition. It is the intention to create a dynamic field between the works and the viewer, a space where one can reflect on the role of the viewer and the image.

Sketch from installation
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