Frozen Garden

Installation with video projection.
At the show called Diversion curated by Danielle Arnaud at the Museum of Garden History in London.

The garden is a constructed view; a three dimensional environment where the “images” are in constant change with the seasons. Frozen Garden is an investigation of a panorama image of the garden at Museum of Garden History.
The image might at first seem still and just be a framed view of the garden. But as time passes and one look again the view has changed, the image slowly pans around the garden; so slow that it is not visible to the naked eye.

Installation view ->

In an hour the video pans through a path with a few people across the Knot Garden then past the Tomb of ‘Captain Bligh of The Bounty’ where one can see the gardener in the background and finally past the relief on the side of the Family Tomb of the Tradescants. On the tomb we see a crocodile, shells, and a view of some Egyptian buildings which represents images from the travels of the Tradescant family. The panorama completes twelve rounds in a day in accordance with the Local Lambeth legend that states that if the tomb is danced around twelve times as Big Ben strikes midnight a ghost appears.

Conceptual image