A panoramic view from Marble Hill House
(Panoramic video installation)

The piece was inspired by the historical description of a panoramic view from Marble Hill. It turned out that there has never been a real panoramic view, but was rather the philosophical idea of Enlightenment in the 16th century.
Eleven panoramic images was stitched together as an all encompassing image from the grounds surrounding Marble Hill. This image could make the viewer aware of the historical context of the name Marble Hill.

Jakob Wegener’s film is a fascinating and apparently seamless study of the landscape and views around Marble Hill House, filmed in sections and constituting a continual pan incorporating many possible perspectives, otherwise impossible to capture in just one 360° shot. The resulting piece is shown on a sheet of draft film hanging from the middle of the servants’ staircase, relating to the format of the map. The moving camera was set on a device specially made for the camera work by Wegener and highlights flawless digital process.

from catalogue by Lee Mackinnon

Arcadia in the City was a exhibition at the Marble Hill House a English Heritage estate in Richmond London arrange by the-e-gallery.