OXO - video loop installation

Oxo is a DVD of the view of the Thames river and the Oxo tower from Blackfrairs Bridge. The DVD is seemlessly looped so that only small changes in the image occur. The image is projected onto a sheet of architectural drafting film hanging by thin nylon wire. This gives the impression of a “floating” animated image, as one moves around the installation, one starts to stare into the glowing image.

As one looks, one notices little details like the red letters on the Oxo tower which can be read from both sides of the screen without seeming reversed. Also serval camera flashes can be detected from people trying to photograph the sunset. After a while the viewer becomes aware that the video is looped and starts to look for the moment of transition.
The appearance of the video image in a three-dimensional context, changes our involvement with it, we get drawn in as we assume it got a life of its own.

Duration: endless