Attemps at photograhing Vapour #1-4

The biggest surprise we get with Jakob Wegener, who in three photographs and a video from Iceland investigates how one can represent something as ephemeral like vapour. It is a tight project which is beautiful, simple and animated.

Lisbeth Bonde review in Information
(9/3-2002 Danish National Newspaper)

In this respect the work of Jakob Wegener is a bit more in the line with the nature of things. In his Attempts at photographing Vapour # 1-4 the artist has mixed photography with video. Four images of water vapour have been placed side by side on a wall, and it takes a while for the viewer to become aware of the fact that one of the images is actually a video projection. You suddenly realise that, just like vapour, this image is a perishable entity. Like vapour, dependant on factors such as water and heat, this ‘living’ image is dependant on its source of light, electricity, power, and will disappear the moment the machine is switched off. It’s interesting that the media, which most clearly conveys the nature of water vapour here, the video, is such a ‘fragile’ thing in itself.

Julie Damgaard, Review at